I only get like this in relationships.
I need to stop getting into relationships.

But I mean… if my life’s goal is to be loved… well… why would I stop?

It’s like I have to pick between the two.
My relationships aren’t fruitful and my isolation isn’t satisfying.

I’m miserable either way.

But I know there’s a break somewhere.

Something will be different some day…

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I haven’t cried at work yet. Five hours in. But I wanna cry in the car on my lunch break.
Lord help me.
Someone help me…

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Up early. On time for work. Got gas and an iced coffee on the way. I feel a little bit better already. Hope it lasts

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Trying to not let any negative energy affect myself & my thoughts.

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So where all the white folks who talk about how rap dont talk about the issues?

Yall betta reblog the fuck outta this

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